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Let's Plays

Europa Universalis 4 - Genoa (Protected Market Achievement)

Europa Universalis is a grand strategy game, in which you take control over one nation
and try to lead it to glory by managing diplomacy, trade, warfare and much more.
The timespan of the game reaches from 1444 till 1821.
In this run I play the Mediterranean Merchant Republic of Genoa
and try to get them as close as possible to dominating the Mediterranean Trade (next to other goals).

Dark Souls 2 [Blind]

The Dark Souls Series is a series of (fantasy) action-roleplaying games, which are famous to be very difficult
and punishing to the player in case of mistakes. Also, these games have an awesome level-design, which,
next to the great, dense atmosphere, was one of the incentives for me to play it.

Transport Fever

Transport Fever is a Tycoon-Game, in which you try to build a Transport-Empire by setting up
several railroads for trains, lines for busses and other transport vehicles, also routes for ships
and plains, in order to transport passengers and cargo to different locations.
You can begin the game in 1850 and in certain years the technology advances and you can get new types
of vehicles. It can get pretty complex and you always have to tweak something somewhere.


Gothic 2 DNDR (NotR) in GERMAN

Gothic 2 DNDR/NotR (Die Nacht des Raben/Night of the Raven) is a classical RPG Game from 2002.
Even if you could say that sounds kind of old, it is still one of the best RPG Games that I have ever known,
because of it's great atmosphere. This German Walkthrough was for the online Community of that game.