Lordkaiser's Realm

Latest Artwork: "Overlordkaiser"

Welcome to the Lordkaiser's Realm!

As you may already have noticed due to the menue above, this site contains:
Let's Plays / Walkthroughs of Games (mostly Games to dive deep into due to very good atmosphere and/or complex Gameplay), the latest Artworks from the Lordkaiser's Artwork Gallery, (soon) some Programming Videos and (soon) some Plans and Videos for the making of a little Game.

-written July, 7th 2017

The website has a new structure!

EDIT: this article is OUTDATED. Although the creation of the really cool stuff HAS begun in 2017, the infos given in this article are not accurate anymore.

The site has been restructured a bit. In case you are searching for the artwork from older (game-) projects or Fanart, all this can be found in the "Artwork 2016/15"- section. My series "Creating my own world" has gotten its own section where you can find all artworks from the series regardless in which year it has been made. Also a new section "videos" has been added.

Everything is prepared for the new year. THE CREATION OF THE REALLY COOL STUFF CAN BEGIN IN 2017 !!

-written December, 31st 2016

The Drawing Practice Calendar 2017!

EDIT: this article is OUTDATED, Calendar not available anymore!

The Drawing Practice Calendar 2017 is available! 12 months of exercises to improve your drawing skills during 2017.
Even if you do the exercises only once a month you will greatly improve.

You can order the calendar by clicking on "store" on the top of the site.

-written December,1st 2016

Welcome to my site!

Get an idea of my Artstyle

EDIT: this article is OUTDATED!

This site will be developed further over time, but what you can find here right now is

- My Artwork Portfolio with both digital and traditional drawings
- Projects I helped other people with in the past
- FanArt I made inspired by games i liked.

If you want to commission me you find an E-Mail-address on the right.

-written July,1st 2016